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For Truelinked members

  • No job no pay membership with video/audio profile.
  • Free access to innovative career tools.
  • Receive professional contract negotiation and travel service at 6%.
  • Help your connections and get the 3% Truelinked reward.
  • Keep in touch with your important business connections.
More for Truelinked members:

As a performing classical artist, opera singer, conductor, stage director, costume- set- and lighting designer etc. you are constantly on the search for new opportunities. Let Truelinked open your eyes to new possibilities and use the power of your network to get your career moving.


Truelinked pays all members for successfully recommending other members for jobs within their personal circle. An online casting and season planning tool is offered to the employers at opera houses, concert halls, orchestras, festivals etc. for direct requests for auditions or jobs. You can join the 24/7 jump-in service to get last minute jobs. Membership service delivered by our Truelinked Network Service. When you receive a contract you only pay a 6% fee for professional contract negotiation and hotel/travel arrangements.

For institutions

  • Find quality in abundance both quickly and very cost efficiently.
  • Get highly recommended professionals, only accepted through invitation, or after thorough evaluation.
  • Intelligent and efficient casting and season planning system to save time and money.
  • 24 hour jump-in service and a multi-parameter quick search.
  • Get invaluable recommendations from your selected partners.
More for institutions and artistic staff:

As an artistic director or casting director you are already open to the artistic world around you...
You surely use lots of different channels and lots of time to keep yourself updated and able to find just the right casts or soloists for your audience.

Now Truelinked can open your world even wider with less effort.

Truelinked offers an online casting system perfect for all casting and season planning staff. Using Truelinked Intelligent Planning you can quickly select, listen to, and evaluate a selection of artists. You can invite them online for auditions, get further endorsements, or hire them directly via the Truelinked on-line system.

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Truelinked Network Service (TNS) is our artists support and contract negotiation team and your guarantee for professional back-up when a job request is about to lead into a contract. The contract is negotiated with dedication and focus at a fee of only 6%.

The Network Service staff are there for your service only, which means keeping to deadlines and living up to promises. In short, your secure and trustworthy base in an otherwise hectic artists life.
It's otherwise free of charge to join Truelinked.

Advantage program
In addition, Truelinked plans to launch an advantage program for our members offering real life forums in selected cities, the so called Truelinked City Circles. Here we will offer auditions and other activities.

On social media sites such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter more than 10,000 people from around the World, including many opera theatres and orchestras support this groundbreaking solution that will represent a true alternative on the artist job market.

The Truelinked Team

Sune Hjerrild
Founder & CEO

Experienced opera singer and former artist consultant for Lindberg Management Copenhagen. Sune is the inventor and founder of TrueLinked.

Jan Pilgaard Carlsen
Partner & Cofounder

Jan comes from the IT industry and has a lot of experience in IT-project management and making systems that actually work.

Christina Hjerrild
Head of TNS

Christina is an experienced negotiator and former Head of the opera & Concert Department at Lindberg Management Copenhagen. She has invaluable knowledge about the inner workings of the Classical Music Business.

We have a mission!

To end the "Agent Monopoly" and to make artists more independent and influential in the music business.

To save the business millions of Euros each year thereby creating more jobs, more art and more music.

Its a win win win situation ...

We call The Truelinked System a WIN WIN WIN situation. Why?

- The artists get jobs, saving 4-14%.
- The Truelinking partner gets a finders fee of 3%.
- The cultural institutions get easy and cheaper access to the artist job market

Anyone will tell you that good connections are your most valuable career-building asset. Nowhere is that more true than in the classical music business...

With Truelinked you stay connected!